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Josh Milan Produces Hit Re-mix "These Are The Good Times" for GospeLive Productions and Entertainment.
Thu - July 5, 2012 10:14 pm  |  A+ | a-
Josh Milan Honeycomb Music
Josh Milan Honeycomb Music
Josh Milan is one of those rare artists whose music is truly timeless. You can play his re-mixes today and they still sounds as fresh as they did 16 years ago. His catalog totals over two hundred published works making it the largest catalog produced by any single entity in the genre. As artist and businessman, he has been involved in almost every facet of the music business.

Maurice Lynch, Executive Producer at GospeLive Productions and Entertainment, knew that for the re-mix of their new single "These Are The Good Times" that Producer Josh Milan at Honey Comb Music was the one for this project. After speaking to The Queen of Gospel Energy Dawn Tallman & vocalist Shelia Slappy, he knew that not many could come close to the artistry and spirit of Josh Milan.

As a remixer, Josh has worked on projects for Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Macy Gray, Jamiroquai, Lisa Stansfield, Babyface, and countless others.

Josh's musical influence on New York's night life is unprecedented. Josh and Kevin Hedge co-owned and promoted Club Shelter a premiere legendary dance spot in New York City.

After 25 years on the scene, Josh Milan's touch is golden. Josh stated, "Music is Gods voice and my ears are pressed against his lips."  "I believe that music is an extension of a man’s inner self". He grew up in a religious household in Brooklyn, N.Y. where  he learned to play the organ in the church. Josh later teamed up with Chris Herbert and Kevin Hedge and the three of them formed the performing/production team known as Blaze.

Josh's re-mix of "These Are The Good Times" is  driven by a soulful up-tempo beat, with a smooth Milan modern contemporary dance groove beckoning listeners to dance.

"These Are The Good Times" featuring Maurice Lynch, Shelia Slappy & The Harlem GospeLive Revue aka G-Live is available worldwide, and can be downloaded and purchased at your preferred online music store and select retail outlets.
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