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Join Maurice Lynch @ Summer Sundays: Music in the Heights Sunday June 22, 2014 in New York City
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 Music In The Heights
Music In The Heights
“Summer Sundays in the Heights” is a great opportunity for New Yorkers to join the residents of Washington Heights to enjoy a car-free space in this New York landmarked neighborhood while enjoying community entertainment..
Sections of Historic Edward Morgan Place and 157th St. that surround Ilka Payan Park will be closed off to traffic. There will be a staging area where people can sit and enjoy the Hudson River breeze while enjoying the festivities.
Celebrate the Arts,Culture and Music of "The Heights" in this Historic District. This event is to focus on bringing cultural diversity and musical entertainment through CLOTH Community League Of The Heights and Broadway United Businesses. Please come out and support.Your presence will make it one of the most successful events ever!
Please join Maurice Lynch and the staff of GospeLive Productions and Entertainment. Where festivities will include a LIVE Musical Show 
 As part of an on-going efforts to broaden the diversity of young talent merging into the Arts and Entertainment .GospeLive Productions and Entertainment strives to support, encourage and partnership with  organizations that provide a platform to educate new talent within the entertainment industry. “There is a dire need to introduce young people to the arts so that they may develop their creative talent within the entertainment industry. GospeLive Productions is pleased to join forces with the local Harlem and Washington Heights communities, who have made it a priority to encourage individuals from various ethnicities and backgrounds to introduce their ideas and voices to dance, music and creative production in the performing arts.
See you Sunday
Maurice Lynch 
Date:June 22,2014 Place:Edward M.Morgan Pl bet 156th&157th Sts in NYC ( to 157th St.Time:1:00–5:00pm;free.

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