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DAWN TALLMAN"S CD Release  Saturday, November 7 - 10:00pm
DAWN TALLMAN"S CD Release Saturday, November 7 - 10:00pm

GOSPELIVE CELEBRATES and Evening with DAWN TALLMAN………  As she celebrates her Birthday Bash & New CD Release  HONEYCOMB MUSIC with JOSH MILAN n …NEW YORK CITY


GOSPELIVE CELEBRATES and  Evening with DAWN TALLMAN………  As she celebrates her Birthday Bash & New CD Release in NEW YORK CITY with Josh Milan at Honeycomb Music.

Dawn Tallman's birthday is in November. We thought it'd be awesome to combine her birthday and record release party!

The whole thing is very simple. You come to Santos, pay $10, and experience a night filled with GREAT MUSIC, DRINKS, FUN, DANCING, TALENT, GREAT ATMOSPHERE and VIBES.. And most of all, the birthday Queen will bless us with a performance. She's singing music from her new project "For Me" coming out on Honeycomb Music. Invite a friend.

"This is the Dawn Tallman that we love." - Josh Milan

Saturday, November 7 - 10:00pm

Santos Party House
96 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10013

Saturday, November 7 - 10:00pm

 Maurice Lynch

 Producer & Director 

 GospeLive Productions & Maurice Lynch Music.


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R&B and Jazz Legend Ms. Natalie Cole
R&B and Jazz Legend Ms. Natalie Cole

There's a special kind of magic that comes with musical maturity. Unquestionably Natalie Cole's consummate artistry is always maturing and evolving on full display at every performance.The daughter of jazz and pop legend Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole has forged a successful career in two phases, doing R&B/urban contemporary and then jazz-based pop. She made her stage debut at age 11 and sang in college. Cole then met the writing and producing team of Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancey in 1973. The next year they collaborated on some sessions that were recorded at Curtis Mayfield's Curtom studios in Chicago. These sessions helped her land a deal with Capitol, and with the Jackson/Yancey team had a string of hit albums and singles from 1975 until 1983. Such LPs as Inseparable, Natalie, Thankful, Unpredictable, and I Love You So yielded five number one R&B hits between 1975 and 1977. These included "This Will Be, "Inseparable," "Our Love," and "I've Got Love on My Mind." She stayed with Capitol until 1983, then switched to Epic for her final album with the Jackson/Yancey tandem. Cole made duets with Peabo Bryson in 1979 and 1980 and Ray Parker, Jr., in 1987. She scored more hits with "Jump Start," "I Live for Your Love," and "Over You" in 1987, and "Pink Cadillac," a cover of a Bruce Springsteen tune, in 1988, and then made her stylistic shift.

 The second phase of Cole’s career smoothly eased into transition with "When I Fall in Love," a number her father recorded in 1957. It was included on her 1987 LP Everlasting. She fully embraced the move with the 1991 LP Unforgettable: With Love, earning Grammy Awards and landing a number one pop album that eventually sold over five million copies. The title track featured her doing a duet with her father via electronic elaboration. She continued the jazzy trend with Take a Look in 1993, and she toured and did television specials working with a large orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle. Holly & Ivy (1994) and Stardust (1996) both continued Cole's exploration of American pop standards. Snowfall on the Sahara was released in 1999, as was The Magic of Christmas, recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra. Ask a Woman Who Knows (2002) and Leavin' (2006) followed for Verve.

 With Cole's natural gift for lyrical interpretation and her incredible stage presence and voice makes her one of the best Jazz tickets in town. Selling out venues worldwide her legacy and destiny is legendary. It only takes, taking a look at the incredible video of Natalie singing “Unforgettable “with her father and one is touched by the magic. Natalie’s beauty, style and voice will always hold a special place in America’s heart. 

Maurice Lynch

Executive Producer 

GospeLive Productions & Entertainment




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Natalie Cole: Official Website, 

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The Apollo Theater
JUNE 19, 2015
INVINCIBLE @ The Apollo Theater – Harlem, U.S.A
Will be performing in the show and providing all background vocals

Mon - April 13, 2015 3:01 pm     A+ | a-

GospeLive Fans Please Join us at NJ Pac for " Invincible: A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson" Harlem GospeLive will be performing in this show and slamming all background vocals.

Rock & Pop - Exclusive N.J. engagement! “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” “Thriller” ... The spectacular, multi-media live production of Invincible is the closest it gets to seeing and hearing Michael Jackson onstage!
Jun 13, 2015 • 8:00PM
Prudential Hall



Invincible, the world’s No. 1 tribute show to the King of Pop, honors this phenomenal talent from his early days in the Jackson 5 to his rise as a solo artist to become one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Masterful
performers portray Michael throughout his dynamic career, along with a world-class dance company, Grammy-winning vocalists, The Harlem GospeLive Revue, percussion genius Anointed S, musicians, and surprise guests.Special VIP package includes a post-show meet and greet with the artists, a commemorative tour poster and photo opportunity.Created, produced and directed by Bessie Award winner Darrin Ross of RossLive Entertainment. Visit


Maurice Lynch & Harlem GospeLive, ( Live Performance & Background Vocals) Enjoy the incredible vocals of Harlem GospeLive, started by producer and singer Maurice Lynch combining the concept of Gospel with cabaret and jazz, “ The Harlem GospeLive Revue” originally premiered at the Blue Note, one of New York City’s most renowned jazz venues. Receiving overwhelming reviews, The Harlem GospeLive Revue was an instant hit. Its style and popularity has grown and has set GospeLive Productions and its incredible artist apart. Maurice Lynch. This New York based Revue has been presented in some of the world’s most well-known performing arts venues.

1 Center Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102
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Wed - February 18, 2015 1:40 pm     A+ | a-

The six day multi-disciplinary program will provide Theatre, Music and Dance workshops and lectures in the performing arts. This program series is open to students seeking to develop their talent in the performing arts but all are encouraged to register and attend.For more information please contact: Columbia University

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GospeLive Productions Salutes: Ms. Ella Fitzgerald " The First Lady of Song"
GospeLive Productions Salutes: Ms. Ella Fitzgerald " The First Lady of Song"

Black History Month: GospeLive Celebrates "The First Lady of Song" Ms. Ella Fitzgerald


GospeLive salutes this great lady of song, her style was incomparable, and she has set a template for jazz artist worldwide. Ella Fitzgerald was one of the greatest singers who ever lived. She sang the popular songs of her time, she sang Jazz and Pop and Rock-and-Roll and Blues and Gospel and songs just for kids.


On April 25, 1917, jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald is born in Newport News, Virginia.She was called "The First Lady of Song," an honor whose meaning is captured in a compliment paid to her by the great composer Ira Gershwin: "I never knew how good our songs were until I heard Ella Fitzgerald sing them." Quite apart from the quality of her voice, there was a warmth and intelligence behind it that gave even melancholy songs a plausible tilt toward optimism. Billie Holliday or Frank Sinatra might fully inhabit the dark side of a torch song, but Fitzgerald, in the words of the critic Frank Rich, "could turn any song into an oxygen rush of bouncing melody that reached the listener's ears as pure, untroubled joy—the eternally young sound of a young country."
Ella's own life as a young woman, though, was far from untroubled. Her mother, Temperance "Tempie" Fitzgerald, migrated north to Yonkers, New York, shortly after Ella was born, and Ella spent her childhood there aspiring to be a dancer and traveling frequently into nearby Harlem, where she would one day get her big break. But Ella very nearly fell through the cracks. Tempie Fitzgerald died in 1932, leaving her 15-year-old daughter orphaned, broke and vulnerable at a very dangerous time in American history--the very low point of the Great Depression. Ella was taken in at first by an aunt in Harlem, but she soon dropped out of school and ran into trouble with the law while working as a lookout in a bordello and courier for a local numbers-runner. She was placed in the Riverdale Colored Orphan Asylum but soon ran away from that facility, which earned her a trip upstate to a tough reformatory near Albany called the New York State Training School for Girls.
Ella Fitzgerald never spoke publicly about this period in her life, and she certainly never betrayed any hint of it in her performances. It lends an incredible backdrop, however, to the oft-repeated story of the Apollo Theater Amateur Night performance in 1934 that put her on a path toward stardom. Still technically a ward of the State of New York, Ella was officially paroled in 1935 to Chick Webb's orchestra, the group she would make her name with over the next seven years.
Born on this day in 1917, Ella Fitzgerald passed away in 1996 at the age of 79 in Beverly Hills, California.




Painting courtesy of: Sharon Maguire the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation Education Consultant and Foundation Artist


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GospeLive Productions Salute & Celebrates the Black Church During Black History Month
GospeLive Productions Salute & Celebrates the Black Church During Black History Month
GospeLive Productions Salutes & Celebrates the Black Church During Black History Month During Black History Month February is a time set aside to honor African-Americans, who have made contributions in the United States and around the world. During Black History Month, there is a greater awareness of the achievements and successes of African-American individuals and organizations. Not forgotten among these successes should be the great contributions black churches have made to African Americans, our nation, and the world. Before there were African-American mayors, governors, or even an African-American President, black churches received leadership from African-American Sunday School teachers, deacons, and pastors. These church leaders, along with others, were seen as community leaders, who helped mentor, educate, and counsel many in the black community. Moreover, the black church was not only a place of worship, but served the community as a center for gathering support and encouraging one another through fellowship. The Civil Rights Movement gained significant strength because of the participation of black churches. They became meeting centers for the organization and strategic planning of the effort for equal rights. Regular church members, church lay leaders, and pastors took a position at the forefront of the work to change a racial and ethnically segregated America. Black churches should be celebrated for their part in influencing a nation to respect and value ethic and racial rights. Black churches also influenced today's American art and music cultures. Musical genres, such as gospel, rhythm and blues, jazz, and even urban can trace their musical roots to black spiritual music. The traditions of music as well as drama in the black church are credited as catalysts for a great number of African-American actors, musicians, and singers. Along with music, the rich oral tradition of storytelling and distinctive African language patterns have been kept and maintained among many African-American churches. Today, black churches are positioned to continue their contribution to American culture at a wider and deeper level. With the growing number of immigrant families moving into traditional black communities and increased mixed marriages between different ethnicities, black churches have lunged into serving a diverse urban congregation. Their makeup extends beyond African-Americans and exemplifies the same melting-pot pattern of our country. Black churches continue to be a place where the community gathers to help and support one another, without regard to their ethnic background. Moreover, a great number of African-Americans are going beyond their community and are actively involved as missionaries around the world. Every year the number of African-American missionaries increases. They spread the gospel to people in other nations as well as share their African-American cultural experiences. Black History Month cannot be celebrated without noting the great contributions of black churches. No matter what the cause, event, or activity may be – civil rights, the arts, or evangelism – God has used the experiences of the black church to influence America. The leaders and staff at LifeWay continue to support and pray for what God is doing in black churches and that He will continue to move in mighty ways to impact the world for His Kingdom. Special thanks to Elgia Wells for such a great article GospeLive Productions Elgia Wells
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When I think about Martin Luther King, rarely, if at all do I think of him in a jazz context. However, several years ago, when word of MLK's opening remarks at the 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival began to circulate, MLK and Jazz became top of mind for  jazz "apprecianados" everywhere. was truly amazing; speech.Thanks to some painstaking research by saxophonist David Demsey and drummer Bruce Jackson,  under the auspices of William Patterson University, the true origin and nature of King's speech has been revealed. Read the full transcript of his 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival Address below.

God has wrought many things out of oppression. He has endowed his creatures with the capacity to create—and from this capacity has flowed the sweet songs of sorrow and joy that have allowed man to cope with his environment and many different situations.Jazz speaks for life. The Blues tell the story of life's difficulties, and if you think for a moment, you will realize that they take the hardest realities of life and put them into music, only to come out with some new hope or sense of triumph.

This is triumphant music.

Modern jazz has continued in this tradition, singing the songs of a more complicated urban existence. When life itself offers no order and meaning, the musician creates an order and meaning from the sounds of the earth which flow through his instrument.It is no wonder that so much of the search for identity among American Negroes was championed by Jazz musicians. Long before the modern essayists and scholars wrote of racial identity as a problem for a multiracial world, musicians were returning to their roots to affirm that which was stirring within their souls.

Much of the power of our Freedom Movement in the United States has come from this music. It has strengthened us with its sweet rhythms when courage began to fail. It has calmed us with its rich harmonies when spirits were down.

And now, Jazz is exported to the world. For in the particular struggle of the Negro in America there is something akin to the universal struggle of modern man. Everybody has the Blues. Everybody longs for meaning. Everybody needs to love and be loved. Everybody needs to clap hands and be happy. Everybody longs for faith.  In music, especially this broad category called Jazz, there is a stepping stone towards all of these.

Dr. Martin Lurther King Jr.


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Available Now for The HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Available Now for The HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GospeLive Productions Presents:" The Style Of Christmas".....Celebrating Christmas In New York.

GospeLive Productions has taken Christmas music to a whole new level with their holiday CD. "The Style of Christmas" featuring "The Harlem GospeLive Revue" as they celebrate ” Christmas in New York”. 
"The Harlem GospeLive Revue" along with Shows Producer & Director Maurice perform  a warm-hearted collection of songs that put the holiday spirit in everyone's soul. The album features new arrangements that are both inventive and engaging from the hard-hitting bass and percussion of “Joy to the World” and "Reason for the Season“ to R&B flavored "It's Christmas Time Again”.  The Revue's playful and emotional delivery of “The Angels Sang” , Peace and old favorites like "Baby It's Cold Outside" and " It's The Wonderful Time of the Year" will make you fall in love with Christmas music all over again. “The Style of Christmas" CD is a must-have for your holiday music collection.

Producer and Director Maurice Lynch stated, "Christmas music is an integral and important part of the whole holiday season. Celebrating Christmas in New York is simply magical and a once in a lifetime experience. The music and sounds of Christmas music come alive in all styles and genres from all over the city.  I wanted to provide a taste of the city with "The Style Of Christmas" presenting songs appealing to every musical taste. From religious carols like “O Holy Night” and “A Child Is Born” that bring the reason for the season front and center to presenting fun songs that totally get the party started with holiday cheer".

For more information on this show and album release of “The Style Of Christmas”, and more on The Wonderful World of GospeLive this season, please visit, This great CD is available at 

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" The Style of Gospel" featuring "The Harlem GospeLive Revue"
" The Style of Gospel" featuring "The Harlem GospeLive Revue"
Music from GospeLive Productions  Available Now at Sears.“The Harlem GospeLive Revue’s” monumental debut album “The Style of Gospel” is now available at Sears and its distributors. This is a classic album that can’t be missed. Go to Sears and get your copy today! This great distribution collaboration will allow all of America to purchase products from GospeLive Productions & Entertainment. 
For more information  on The Wonderful World of GospeLive this season, please visit,
For Media Inquiries & Bookings Contact: Alex Turcola – Director of Marketing & Sales, GospeLive Productions and Entertainment, New York City 212-920-4282 or
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