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Maurice Lynch Music Congratulates Josephine Baker: Joséphine Baker to be First Black Woman to enter the France Panthéon
Wed - August 25, 2021 3:42 pm  |  A+ | a-
Joséphine Baker to be first black woman to enter France's Panthéon
Joséphine Baker to be first black woman to enter France's Panthéon
"CONGRATULATIONS JOSEPHINE"... I was excited to hear this. I have always admired Josephine Baker and she deserves this honor. I am sharing a clip of my song "Tonight Josephine" sang by Legenday Super-Model Ms. Pat Cleveland we both share a special love for Josephine".....Maurice Lynch


Singer,dancer and activist Josephine Baker is set to become the first black woman to be buried at Pantheon Monument in Paris - alongside Marie Curie and Voltaire...The burial will lay her to rest alongside France's most prominent individuals..Baker first left the US in the 20s to avoid racism and became a star in France..She went on to become a global sensation for her singing and dancing.

Baker used her fame to transport messages for the French Resistance in WWII and received the Legion of Honour, the highest order of merit in France.She was also a prominent civil rights icon and spoke alongside Martin Luther King Jr in 1963 in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom .

The remains of American-born singer and dancer Josephine Baker will be reinterred at the Pantheon monument in Paris, making the entertainer the first black woman to receive the country's highest honour.

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